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SynaXG’s portfolio of 5G O-RAN platforms empowers both established and up-and-coming network providers to fast-track the roll-out and market introduction of virtualized RAN (vRAN) devices and capabilities catering to the needs of 5G across public and private networks. These innovative platforms provide a fully scalable, exceptionally adaptable framework, accommodating every functionally split scenario among the distributed unit (DU), radio unit (RU), and centralized unit (CU), suitable for both macro and micro deployments.

O-RAN Software

SynaXG’s baseband software products are reliable, flexible, and scalable.

At the heart of next-generation network solutions, SynaXG stands out as a premier provider of baseband O-RAN software, designed to cater to an extensive range of chip platforms. Our suite of software products is designed to comply with the latest 3GPP standards, ensuring a robust feature set that meets the dynamic needs of modern cellular networks. 

SynaXG’s commitment to excellence is further demonstrated through our adherence to O-RAN interoperability standards, facilitating seamless integration and operation within the evolving open network architecture. With a focus on maximizing efficiency, our scalable and interoperable solutions empower network operators to deliver superior connectivity and service reliability, paving the way for the future networks.

Software Excellence

  • A leading provider of baseband software products for various chip platforms
  • Offering 3GPP-compliant baseband software with a rich feature set and meets O-RAN interoperability standards

Cost Effective

  • Complete end-to-end deployment ensures software maturity
  • O-RAN compliant design enables quick integration
  • Supporting flexible network scale through multiple platform options
  • Compatible with O-RAN defined white box hardware

Intelligent Operation and Maintenance

  • Remote software upgrades
  • Analytic tools for diagnosis of deployed systems

Design Customization

  • The Roadmap based on 3GPP release supporting 5G eMBB, URLLC, and mMTC
  • Application Support Customization on wireless protocols to support advanced 4G and 5G features
  • Successful deliver of software products for satellite communications, high-speed railway communications, and other high-precision scenarios

4G + 5G Infrastructure

vDU/PHY Acceleration Cards

4G+5G Dual-RAT vDU Card

Unleash unparalleled network performance with SynaXG’s 4G+5G Inline PHY Acceleration PCIe Card, the key to turbocharging your connectivity with cutting-edge speed and reliability.

5G PHY Acceleration Card (FPGA)

Experience the future of high-speed connectivity with SynaXG’s 5G PHY vDU card (SoC), designed to deliver unmatched acceleration and efficiency for 5G networks.

5G PHY vDU Card (SoC)

The 5G baseband capabilities can be instantly enabled by plugging the vDU card into a COTS server. The vDU card allows for scalability as more cells can be supported by installing additional cards in the server.

Baseband Unit/Distributed Unit

4G + 5G DU + CU (Dual-RAT Baseband Unit)

Revolutionize your network infrastructure with SynaXG’s Dual-RAT Baseband Unit/Distributed Unit, a versatile 4G + 5G distributed unit + centralized unit solution engineered for unmatched flexibility and performance in multi-generation connectivity.


Maximize your 5G network’s potential with SynaXG’s 5G distributed unit + centralized unit, a cutting-edge Baseband Unit/Distributed Unit designed for superior efficiency and next-level performance.

Arm Sever Based 4G+5G DU+CU

Transform your network with SynaXG’s ARM Server-Based 4G+5G distributed unit + centralized unit, the ultimate Baseband Unit/Distributed Unit combo for unparalleled processing power and seamless generation integration.

Fronthaul Gateway

4G+5G Fronthaul Gateway

Bridge the future of connectivity with SynaXG’s 4G+5G Fronthaul Gateway, designed to seamlessly integrate and optimize your network’s fronthaul performance across multiple generations.

Radio Unit

Indoor RU

Enhance your indoor connectivity with SynaXG’s Indoor Radio Unit, engineered for superior signal coverage and reliability in the most challenging indoor environments.

Outdoor RU

Expand your network’s horizon with SynaXG’s Outdoor Radio Unit, built to deliver robust and reliable connectivity in the toughest outdoor conditions.


All-in-One High-Power Small Cell

Experience unmatched coverage and capacity with SynaXG’s all-in-one high power small cell, the ultimate solution for superior network performance in compact spaces.

All-in-One Indoor Small Cell

Boost your indoor connectivity effortlessly with SynaXG’s all-in-one indoor small cell, designed for seamless integration and optimal performance in any indoor setting.

Converged AI+5G

SynaXG offers a GPU-accelerated, software-defined converged Al+5G solution that is ready-to-go and designed to simplify the integration of 5G and edge Al ecosystems for enterprises, telecom operators, and cloud service providers.


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Frontal Switch

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Edge Server

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Indoor RU

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