Our Leadership

Xin Huang


Xin Huang, the dynamic CEO of SynaXG, brings three decades of expertise in wireless communications, spanning VSAT, CDMA, WiMAX, and 5G technologies. Formerly at ArrayComm, Xin led global teams to deliver innovative solutions for commercial networks.

With a robust engineering background and a collaborative leadership style, Xin is known for his adept problem-solving in the wireless industry. His strategic vision is integral to SynaXG’s journey in creating cutting-edge technologies based on open architecture.

Xin holds a Bachelor’s in Electronic Engineering from Tsinghua University and a Master’s from the University of Texas at Austin. His transformative leadership continues to drive SynaXG’s success in the evolving wireless landscape.

Mantosh Malhotra


Mantosh Malhotra, Chief Business Officer at SynaXG, is a seasoned technology executive driving the company’s vision to be the next global technology powerhouse. Formerly President at Qualcomm – Southeast Asia and SVP at Movandi Asia Pacific, Malhotra’s leadership prowess is evident in executing impactful go-to-market strategies and business plans, emphasizing revenue growth and international expansion.

At SynaXG, he spearheads revenue initiatives, forms strategic partnerships, and oversees international growth in wireless communications. Malhotra’s career spans both established firms and start-ups, marking him as a visionary leader and advocate for EGS, diversity, and inclusion. Renowned for his insights, he’s a frequent speaker at prestigious global business and technology events, including the World Economic Forum.

Malhotra holds a Telecommunications Engineering degree from RMIT University Australia and an MBA from Melbourne Business School, underlining his academic and professional excellence.