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Empowering Connectivity and Intelligence Through AI and XG Convergence

Revolutionizing the Future of AI and XG Convergence

Born more than 10 years ago from R&D across multiple companies, SynaXG stands as an emerging O-RAN infrastructure provider, merging AI with next-generation wireless technologies, including 5G and beyond, to unlock new network capabilities. By building strong collaboration with leading silicon providers, we harness the synergy between 5G’s reliability and AI’s intelligence to enhance network performance, application efficiency and faster time to market. Our vision propels us toward a future where advanced O-RAN infrastructure connectivity is accessible to all, pioneering a world where every innovation is a step toward a more connected and intelligent society.

Powering the Future of 5G O-RAN and AI Infrastructure

At SynaXG, we are driven by a mission to develop and integrate AI and open wireless technologies seamlessly supporting the next generation of mobile connectivity, including 4G, 5G, and beyond. Our ready-made technology, products and solutions accelerate entry into the telecommunications market. Catering to both public and private network customers, our solutions encompass a wide range of applications. From O-RAN base stations for cloud RAN to D-RAN, fixed wireless access (FWA), indoor coverage systems, and enterprise private 5G networks, we unlock new possibilities for smart cities, healthcare, education, entertainment, and more.

With our deep expertise in wireless and AI technologies, we have a solid foundation in R&D and extensive experience in large-scale commercial deployments. Collaborating closely with major 5G and AI silicon providers, we harness the low latency and high reliability of 5G to extend the capabilities of AI in wireless and mobile scenarios. Simultaneously, AI enhances the performance and efficiency of the 5G network itself.

SynaXG’s vision is to create a connected and intelligent world, where wireless communications and AI open new opportunities for everyone. While 5G and AI are advanced technologies, our approach ensures that their application remains accessible and straightforward. We make it effortless to build AI+5G solutions.

In our dynamic environment, we encourage personal and professional growth. Our team members collaborate with a proven network of ecosystem partners. Together, we are dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies, products and solutions for industry-leading customers.

Rapid Telco Integration

Our ready-made solution accelerates entry into the telecommunications space. With RUs and DUs forming the core, our unique L1 software acts as the crucial binding agent. This software can be licensed, offering a quick and efficient path for others to integrate our technology.

Global O-RAN Software Leader

We are a leading provider of Layer 1 (L1) software in the O-RAN sector, offering global solutions that set industry standards.

Empowering Ecosystem Partnerships

Our focus is on enabling our partners within the O-RAN ecosystem, providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed in the rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape.

Company Highlights

Fortune 500 Partners

From Arm to Nvidia, and more

Essential deep technology

Provider of essential technology to expand ORAN ecosystem

Disruption in private network

Unleashing AI + 5G end-to-end solutions and drive new use cases

Strong vendor partnerships

Integration with nine radio unit (RU) vendors and nine stack partners proven in large-scale commercial deployments

Proven in large-scale commercial deployments

A global provider of O-RAN infrastructure in the 5G and Hyperconverged AI domain

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