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SynaXG and Key Partners Drive O-RAN Advancements at Global PlugFest Spring 2024

From 5G to Converged AI + XG​

Tailoring our Physical Layer (PHY) software to meet carrier-grade standards, ensuring robust performance and reliability in ORAN environments. This software is designed to overcome the complexities and demands of next-generation networks.

Enhanced System Integration for ORAN Ecosystems

Strengthening system integration capabilities to seamlessly blend into ORAN architectures. Our focus is on ensuring compatibility, interoperability, and efficient performance across the diverse components of ORAN systems.

Innovative Hyperconverged AI and 5G Solutions

Pioneering solutions that merge hyperconverged AI with 5G technologies, specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges of ORAN. These solutions aim to optimize network operations, enhance efficiency, and provide scalable, future-proof infrastructure for evolving telecommunications demands.

Why SynaXG

We enable the future of 5G networks for operators by merging PHY level software expertise with computing power for AI with the open wireless connectivity of XG. 

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Open RAN Platform

Unleash robust performance and reliability in O-RAN environments with our carrier-grade PHY software.

System Integration Support

Transform complexity into simplicity with our system integration capabilities, paving the way for seamless, large-scale network deployments.

Hyperconverged AI+5G Solutions

Experience the future of intelligent connectivity with our hyperconverged Al+XG solutions, where cutting-edge Al meets the speed of 5G, 6G and beyond.


Arm Tech Talk with SynaXG 

Learn about the Arm and SynaXG partnership from MWC 2024 as we discuss the latest Open RAN innovations and demos.


Network Transformation Unleashed

Transform your network with SynaXG’s elite L1 software: a game-changer for public & private sectors. Experience unmatched reliability and performance, paving the way for 5G/6G O-RAN networks. The future is here.


AI-Enhanced 5G O‑RAN

Our O-RAN platforms enable rapid vRAN deployment for any network. Scalable, adaptable, perfect for macro/micro setups. Unlock the future of connectivity now!


Advancing XG
O‑RAN Networks

SynaXG leads in 5G O-RAN and AI, offering fast telco integration with our licensable L1 software. As global O-RAN pioneers, we empower partners with essential tools for telecom success. Join our mission for a smarter, connected world.